#REMIX by Stevie Leigh

After working for several years as a tailor straight out of fashion design school, Stevie’s ever growing concern about textile waste came to the forefront when she saw the heaps of denim scraps that would get immediately sent to landfills after they were hemmed for customers. Seeing this high quality, brand new fabric wasted was heart breaking for Stevie. She began to collect bundles of denim scraps each week thinking she could use it in someway.

Eventually, Stevie began to create patchwork-like fabric with all her denim scraps and then designed various garments and accessories with this fabric. This upcycleing process saves about 20lbs of denim from being thrown out every month, at this is just at her one tailor shop!

#REMIX by Stevie Leigh is an ongoing process. She is currently working on setting up a system to collect denim scraps from more tailor shops as well as branching out into upcycling knit jersey t-shirt scraps as well.

Stevie’s vision is the remix the classic American uniform of a t-shirt and jeans and to create new looks while avoiding textile waste. She sees a future where the fashion industry in mindful of it’s waste and sustainability efforts and is constantly innovating for that future.

#REMIX by Stevie Leigh can currently be found at various Arts Markets in the Boston, MA area as well as online.

For more information, please email info@itsmestevieleigh.com

It's Me, Stevie Leigh

Stevie Leigh Andrascik came of age in the early 2000’s in light of the major break through of bands such as My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday. Stevie covered her walls will band posters, painted her bedroom hot pink and black checkerboard to match her favorite slip-on Vans and always had her tv set to Fuse to watch all her favorite music videos on Stevens Untitled Rock Show. At the same time, Stevie began to become involved in the beginnings of social media, learning code to make her Myspace page express her true xXSc3n3 KiDdXx self.

Drawing back on this pivotal time in her life, Stevie created ‘It’s Me, Stevie Leigh’ with the design of her emo kid emoji. This ‘Alt Emoji’, as it later became known as, grew into a whole squad of faces depicting different characters you may see in the alternative scene for the Frank Iero inspired Goth Kid to the Pop Punk Kid with his backward snapback.

The Alt Emojis later grew into an investigation of communication in the digital age, poking fun at #Hashtags and iconography from social media sites.

Emblazoned on T-shirts, pins and stickers, the graphic designs of It’s Me, Stevie Leigh are meant to be used by true individuals to customize their look to be as individual as they are.

For brand related inquires, please email info@itsmestevieleigh.com

Stevie Leigh Andrascik

Named after Stevie Nicks, the lead singer of the rock band Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Leigh Andrascik has always been influenced by music and pop culture. Stevie has interests in many facets of design. From fashion to graphic design, Stevie created her two apparel lines ‘It’s Me, Stevie Leigh’ and ‘#REMIX by Stevie Leigh’ to showcase her interests in graphics and social commentary as well as her sustainable fashion efforts. Stevie has had the opportunity to showcase her lines at various events such as Vans Warped Tour and New England Open Markets.
While studying fashion design at Parsons: The New School for Design in NYC, Stevie was introduced to Zero Waste patternmaking, this led her down a path of sustainable and highly functional garment making. Stevie is very mindful of the garments she creates and their impact on the user and the world. You can view her extended portfolio HERE..

As a trained tailor and patternmaker, Stevie Leigh offers custom alterations and garment creation at her studio in Holliston, Ma.
Contact her at stevie@itsmestevieleigh.com for any inquiries.
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