Alterations at Stevie Leigh in Worcester, MA

Looking to have your clothing fit perfectly to your body? Look no further: book your tailor fitting at the Stevie Leigh studio in downtown Worcester, MA today!
Stevie Leigh Andrascik is a master tailor ready to alter your suit, bridesmaid dress, jeans, shirts or even swimsuits! See image below to view our prices.
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Custom Apparel Design at Stevie Leigh

Have an idea for a garment? Stevie Leigh is ready to collaborate with you to create the piece of clothing of your dreams!
Stevie Leigh can create any garment from scratch for you. From your measurements to a custom pattern, fabric selection and final construction of the garment! Stevie creates dresses, jeans, jackets, costumes, suits and of course, one-of-a-kind #REMIXbyStevieLeigh upcycled apparel!
Stevie can work with you in person at her studio in Worcester, MA or remotely. Custom Design projects require a $150 starting deposit.
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Alterations price list at Stevie Leigh in Worcester, MA

Alterations and tailoring in Worcester, MA for jeans, pants, suits, bridesmaid dress, wedding dress
Basic Alterations Price List:
(Additional fees may apply for more complicated garments)

Basic Hem $15
Reattach Hem $30
Taper Legs $25
Basic Trouser waist in/out $25
Denim waist in/out $35


Coat sleeves with buttons $45
Basic sides in/out $25
Sides in/out through vents $35
Collar work $60


Shorten Sleeves $35
Taper sides/arms $35
Darts $20
Shorten shirt $30

Dresses and Skirts:

Hems $30-$100+ PER LAYER (depending on width and style)
Raise shoulders $35
Take in with zipper $45
*Additional charge for garments with beading or other embellishments*

Full Body measurements taken: $15 per fitting
Rush Fee: $15 or 15% of total (whichever is greater)